Wednesday 2 June 2021

LINN Katan with Hiquphon OW1 Tweeter Exakt Filters

For some time, Hiquphon's rather fine OW1-92 tweeter has been favoured as an upgrade or replacement unit for those speakers for which the original tweeters are no longer available. Speaker such as Katan, Ninka and Keilidh have often been equipped with OW1-92.

Whilst these drivers are a good match in a passive system with its large phase errors and crossover approximations, in an Exakt system, a more precise match is required.

Therefore SpeakerFilters is very pleased to announce the first in a range of Exakt filters designed specifically for the OW1-92 tweeter in classic speakers - the evergreen Katan standmount.

These filters are available now for £149 a pair.

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