Saturday 17 December 2016

Launching With Our Initial List of SpeakerFilters

Thanks for visiting - your source for custom Linn Exakt filter designs to suit your loudspeakers.

Initial design availability for Majik Exaktbox-i, Akurate Exaktbox 6 (and /1), Akurate Exaktbox 10 (and/1), Klimax Exaktbox/0 and Klimax Exaktbox/1 are:

PMC Twenty.26 enhanced mono filters £125 per pair (physical conversion an additional £195 per pair)
PMC Twenty.21 stereo filters  £195 per pair (physical conversion an additional £175 per pair)

Feedback from visitors to the Hifi Wigwam Show, 2017:

SpeakerFilters custom Exakt filters were featured in Wam forum member Sunbeamgls' room at the show, 2017.  Featuring a Linn Akurate Exakt source through Linn power amplification, the following independent comments were posted on various forums about the system that included our Exakt filters for the PMC Twenty.26 loudspeakers:

AS: "My first experience of an Linn Exakt set up ... dare I add that I thought this (possibly) the 'best' sound of the show"

PB (Linn Head of Speaker Design): "loved the sound you are getting from the 26s" 

DH: "Thanks for letting us enjoy your superb Linn system"

i9: "the level of clarity I've heard haunts me"

R5: "hugely impressed by what I heard"

SEG: "(the Linn Exakt / PMC system) got me going back for more"

More to follow soon:

PMC Twenty.C mono filter   £125 each (physical conversion an additional £95)
Q Acoustics Concept20 stereo filters  £195 per pair (physical conversion an additional £149 per pair)

For more information please contact us:

Thank you