Below are customer references for SpeakerFilters Exakt designs:


Feedback from SpeakerFilters customer CG of Birmingham:

"So how do they sound now? Well I wasn't ready for or, expecting the magnitude of the improvement. All the strengths of musicality & PRaT are there in spades but now hi-hats really shimmered, recording venue acoustics were tangible, bass lines are so solid, the space around instruments & performers improved, the decay on notes seemed to hang in the air. Boundary speakers are not renowned for their imaging but this has tightened up so that you can place individual performers, or even where the cymbals in the drum kit, are. The mid range has a much smoother integration. The slight mid/high frequency brightness had been tamed & the somewhat bass light presentation was gone leaving me wondering if I would still need my sub. (I have still got it in the system but I've dialled it down about 30%).
The end result is so impressive, I've done no work today, I've been sat here listening to track after track. A big thank you to SpeakerFilters - another awesome job."

Feedback from sound technician S from Birmingham:

"I’m highly impressed, it’s not that often that a system makes a significant positive impression on me, but that was lovely. As a sound technician, I’m often drawn to, and fixated on flaws, but there were none of note!"



SpeakerFilters custom Exakt filters were featured in Wam forum member Sunbeamgls' room at the show.  Featuring a Linn Akurate Exakt source through Lejonklou power amplification, the following independent comments were posted on various forums about the system that included our Exakt filters for the Gauder Akustik Isophon Corvara loudspeakers:

Jarvis: "my most memorable rooms were Steve57, Coogie, Ian917, SunbeamGLS, MaxTheSonyGuy and Spider"

The Flash: "sounding nicely balanced in that system."

Nopiano: "I agree with all the praise. They were evidently extremely well set up, and the system had a coherence and balance that was way beyond what I’d expected. Easy to enjoy!"

Richard A: "I’d like to add my plus one to those comments and this was my first chance to listen to Gauder. I loved the sound in your room, possibly the most natural/unforced of them all."

Lejonklou forum member u252az: "Sunbeams system was the first Exakt system I have enjoyed - worth going just for that"

CyrusUnofficial forum member hifinutt: "Gauder sounded superb . Very natural" and on the AOS forum "my favourite was the gauder akustik"

CyrusUnofficial forum member Czechchris: "I too liked the speakers you had playing"


Feedback from SpeakerFilters customer CG of Birmingham:

"From SNAXO to Exakt: I was running a Naim SNAXO / SuperCap with my active SBLs - an improvement over passive - which gave great PRaT but they still sounded a bit forward. At a dealer demo evening I was listening to a Linn/Kudos Exakt active system thinking this system sounds amazing and the transparency that the Exakt technology brought, which performs the crossover in the digital domain,  was breath-taking. If only Exakt was available for the Naim SBLs.

At that same demo I learned about SpeakerFilters who design Exakt filters for speakers not covered by Linn. I worked with SpeakerFilters on a design for the SBLs and when these were loaded into my system it was clear that this was an improvement with better definition & spatial separation. The soundstage was more clearly defined & I was in heaven. The slightly bright presentation was gone, bass weight was enhanced and all the strengths of musicality & PRaT that SBLs are renowned for were retained. Hi hats shimmered, room acoustics were tangible, the space around instruments & performers improved. 

The end result? Absolutely stunning. If you thought going from passive to active with a SNAXO was a big step... from SNAXO to Exakt is like having seven league boots on! Really, it's that good"