Monday 20 July 2020

SpeakerFilters Can Measure Your Speakers for Linn "SPACE" Room Optimisation

Linn publish a list of speakers that are compatible with their SPACE Optimisation technology which helps to take the effect of the room from your listening experience.  To take advantage of this, you can select these speakers from a list with the Konfig software used to configure your Linn DS or DSM.

SpeakerFilters has worked with a number of clients to add their speakers to the list available from Linn.  If your speakers are not on the list from Linn, reach out to speaker filters and we can work to have them published for you.  Contact us via

More details on how to add your speakers to the SPACE list are here

Meanwhile, these are the speakers measured by SpeakerFilters and currently available in Konfig:

Linn have already published the following speakers measured by SpeakerFilters:

Gauder Akustik Isophon Corvara
Graham Audio LS 5/8
Graham Audio LS 5/9
Graham Audio LS 5/9f
Hallworth TAJ A4
Heybrook HB3 Mk1
Killer Keltiks
Koto Audio Nindex
Mission 750 Limited Edition 
Mission 77c1 Landscape
Mission 77c1 Portrait 
Mission 771e 
Mission 773e
Mission 78cse Landscape
Mission 780 Standmount (1997 to 2002)
Mission 782 Floorstander 1999-2004
Mission 783 Floorstander 1999-2004
Mission 790
NAD 8200
Naim SBL
Naim DBL
PMC Twenty.21
PMC Twenty.C
Q Acoustics Concept 20
Tannoy Mercury M3 Ported
Tannoy Mercury M3 Bunged
Totem Model One Signature
Vienna Acoustics Bach 
Wharfedale 85th Anniversary Linton
Wharfedale 85th Anniversary Denton 
Wilson-Bensch Precision 1.0 Bookshelf

You can find the full list availabe on the Linn website.