Wednesday 13 June 2018

Measurement of Your Speakers for SPACE Optimisation

NEW at SpeakerFilters.

Linn's SPACE Optimisation functionality optimises the sound of the system by compensating for bass mode boom in your room.  This allows the music to be easier to follow and frees up the vocals and treble information from being swamped by bass.

For a speaker to be used with Linn's SPACE Optimisation (SO) functionality, it needs to be measured.

Linn already produces a long list of speakers pre-measured for use with SO. Of course, Linn has not yet had an opportunity to measure every speaker made, and perhaps yours is one of those missing speakers. Now we are able to offer a service to measure your speakers to be added to the list of speakers to be used with SPACE Optimisation, giving you the benefits it brings to the music.  Send one of your speakers to us or we visit you - its a process that does not require any modifications or dismantling of the speakers.  We don't even need to connect them to a system.

Speakers previously measured by SpeakerFilters and already available in Linn's list of SPACE ready speakers include PMC Twenty.21, PMC Twenty.C, Q Acoustics Concept 20, Gauder Akustik Isophon Corvara, Heybrook HB3 Mk 1, Totem Model 1 Signature, Graham Audio 5/8, 5/9 & 5/9f, ATC SCM50SL, ATC SCM100SL, Mission 750 Limited Edition, Mission 780 Standmount (1997 to 2002), Mission 77c1, Mission 773e, Mission 790, Naim SBL, Tannoy Mercury M3 Ported, Tannoy Mercury M3 Bunged, Wharfedale 85th Anniversary Linton & Denton and PMC TB2+.  We're therefore already experienced in measuring a wide range of speakers. Yours could be next.

Customer Reference:  SpeakerFilters measured Linn & Lejonklou forum member Donuk's Totem speakers to be added to Linn's SPACE optimization compatible speaker list.  Donuk said "More open, better soundstage, a satisfied customer"

If you require that your speakers be added to SPACE, contact us via