Your Room: SPACE Optimisation Set Up Services

We are now offering SPACE set up services.

Using the tools available in your Linn DS or DSM and a couple of extras, we measure the room and then apply Linn's best practice advice, coupled with real World experience of multiple Linn system set-ups across the UK.

The default calculations are very rarely right for the real World, so we use our experience to adjust, tweak and compare different options for your system.  There are some tweaks that work pretty much universally, others that need searching out because they're unique to your system / room combination.  We'll track down the best ones for you.

The basic fee is £50 plus expenses, which includes the first hour.  Beyond that the hourly rate is £25.  We can agree a maximum before starting, work until you feel happy with the result or work until the last ounce of performance is extracted from SPACE.

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