Your Speakers: Exakt Filters Designed for You

Linn's Exakt functionality optimises the sound of your speaker by using digital filtering to vastly reduce phase errors within drive units and at crossover points.  This allows the music to be easier to follow and transforms the performance of any speaker.

For a speaker to be used with Linn's Exakt technology it needs to be measured physically and electrically and then the crossovers designed to suit.  The speaker's passive crossover has to be removed from the circuit and suitable connectivity needs to be provided at the rear of the cabinet.  Once this basic work is done, the real time consuming creation of crossover points, slopes and relative gain begins.  Although the basic set up can be arrived at fairly quickly, often many hours are spent making adjustments, listening, making more adjustments until the performance of the system reaches a peak.

We can even take existing Exakt filter designs and adjust them to suit your taste.

Because our SpeakerFilters principal designer was trained in the design of Exakt crossovers and use of the software by Linn's own chief speaker designer, you can be confident that SpeakerFilters is the best route to Exakt for your speakers.  If your speakers are not on Linn's list for Exakt, you've come to the right place to have this design work delivered.

We work with individuals and speaker manufacturers.

Because every speaker is different, and how / where the work can be done, every design exercise is bespoke to your requirements.  Get in touch with us today to start the discussion and the road to Exakt sound quality. 

Please note that speaker filters is fully independent from Linn Products. SpeakerFilters, and the SpeakerFilters are registered trademarks.