Monday, 18 January 2021

Mission 78x - Complete Surround System Exakt Filters

Adding to your choices for Linn Exakt, we announce a fourth full non-Linn speaker 5.1 system is now possible with Exakt thanks to the work of SpeakerFilters.  Using a combination selected from Mission 783 Aerogel Floorstander, Mission 782 Aerogel Floorstander, Mission 781 Aerogel standmount, Mission 780 Aerogel standmount and Mission 78cse Aerogel centre speakers, plus a sub of your choice (including Mission subs) you can surround yourself with Exakt music and movies even when you're not a Linn speaker user.

So we're very pleased to add this exciting new development to the SpeakerFilters portfolio. Bundle pricing for 5.1 systems is available.

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Every SpeakerFilters set of filters comes with a no cost 2 week trial period.  

We also offer physical conversion of your speakers.