Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Mission 782 Floorstanders (1999 to 2004) Exakt Filters

SpeakerFilters are pleased to announce a new addition to the range of available filters.

Coming from Cambridge company Mission, the 782 floorstander is a sophisticated 3-way design. Internally the walls of the cabinet feature complex machining to break up standing waves and a side firing bass driver (which rolls of at a low 190Hz) brings the benefit of a larger driver to a slim cabinet.

We're very pleased to add this speaker to the SpeakerFilters portfolio.  Bringing the opportunity to apply Linn Exakt advantages to those who want to get the best out of their Mission 782 speakers.  The filters are available to 782 users "off the shelf" right now.

For those of you without Exakt, but with a Linn DS or DSM streamer, the work completed by SpeakerFilters allows you to enjoy the benefits of SPACE Optimisation with the 782 in its passive form.

Get in touch!  design@speakerfilters.com

Every SpeakerFilters set of filters comes with a no cost 2 week trial period.  
We also offer physical conversion of your speakers.

Please note that early versions of these speakers were fitted with Keraform mid-bass drivers which suffered from ferrofluid leakage and subsequent failure.  The SpeakerFilters Exakt filters are designed using the later Aerogel mid-bass driver which is reliable and is said to sonically outperform the original driver.  The Keraform driver is a pale dull grey, the Aerogel is glossy mid blue in appearance.  The Exakt design assumes that the speakers will be positioned with the bass drivers facing inwards.