Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Naim SL2 Exakt Filters Now Available

SpeakerFilters are pleased to announce a new addition to the range of available filters.

A legendary loudspeaker from Salisbury company Naim, the SL2 has a number of interesting design features, including separate but inter-linked boxes for each driver, a part sloped, part curved baffle, internal porting and an external passive crossover. This external crossover means that there are no physical changes required to use the SL2 in a Linn Exakt active system, making this a straightforward option.

So we're very pleased to add this rather special classic speaker to the SpeakerFilters portfolio.  Bringing the opportunity to apply Linn Exakt advantages to those who want to get the best out of their Naim speakers.  The filters were developed using a Linn Exakt front end and classic Naim NAP250 power amplifiers - a great balance of the best from both companies.  They're available to SL2 users "off the shelf" right now in three flavours which are provided to every customer:

- Standard based on the original SNAXO crossover
- With an additional 0.8dB attenuation for the tweeter
- With an additional 0.8dB attenuation for the tweeter and a 2dB bass lift below 100Hz

Feedback from SpeakerFilters customer CG of Birmingham:

"So how do they sound now? Well I wasn't ready for or, expecting the magnitude of the improvement. All the strengths of musicality & PRaT are there in spades but now hi-hats really shimmered, recording venue acoustics were tangible, bass lines are so solid, the space around instruments & performers improved, the decay on notes seemed to hang in the air. Boundary speakers are not renowned for their imaging but this has tightened up so that you can place individual performers, or even where the cymbals in the drum kit, are. The mid range has a much smoother integration. The slight mid/high frequency brightness had been tamed & the somewhat bass light presentation was gone leaving me wondering if I would still need my sub. (I have still got it in the system but I've dialled it down about 30%).
The end result is so impressive, I've done no work today, I've been sat here listening to track after track. A big thank you to SpeakerFilters - another awesome job."

Feedback from sound technician S from Birmingham:

"I’m highly impressed, it’s not that often that a system makes a significant positive impression on me, but that was lovely. As a sound technician, I’m often drawn to, and fixated on flaws, but there were none of note!"