About SpeakerFilters

The World's largest independent supplier of crossover filters for Linn Exakt.

SpeakerFilters provides digital speaker filters for Linn Exakt systems to suit your speakers - off the shelf or customer designed.  You've found the right place if you're running bespoke speakers or if you wish to use non-Linn speakers where the speaker manufacturer is not providing their own filter designs - for current or older designs.

Our Exakt filter designer has been trained in the use of the design tools by Linn's lead speaker design engineer and their Exakt.Design interface software design team. This level of access to Linn expertise is a major benefit of SpeakerFilters, the only independent filter designer we're aware of.

We are gradually building a library of filters. We will collaborate with speaker manufacturers, individuals and dealers to augment that library over time.  We will also work with individual customers who are ready to collaborate on new filter designs for commercially available speakers (such collaborations are likely to be free of charge), or for bespoke speaker designs.

Access to the filters is easy, you just need a Google account and password.
You can trial our filters for free for 2 weeks, then just provide payment if you enjoy their performance.

We will offer guidance and advice on physical changes to loudspeaker connectivity options and will assist or convert speakers on a consultancy and custom priced basis.

SpeakerFilters Exakt filters are supported by Linn in the first instance, as any issues are unlikely to be due to filter designs.  In the very unlikely event that Linn can't resolve an issue, they will pass to us to resolve. 

SpeakerFilters also offers a service to measure your speakers for SPACE Optimisation designed for your speaker - adding this to Linn's database.  See the page here. 

For more details on what Exakt can do for your listening experience, take a look at Linn's site here:


You can contact Neil Hallworth, lead designer via mail@speakerfilters.com

Note: facilities provided by SpeakerFilters are limited to the ability to utilise Linn SPACE or Linn Exakt / SPACE+ functionality.  The effect of Linn's technology is outside the control of SpeakerFilters. Customer queries about the effects and benefits of the Linn's technology are part of the relationship between Linn and the customer.