Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Graham Audio LS5/9 (modified) Exakt Filters

The Graham LS 5/9 is a modern re-creation of a classic and famous design. They have a reputation for a refined sound and a cultured presentation along with fantastic vocal reproduction.

Now this standmount can be aftermarket modified to work extremely well with Linn's Exakt system using filters from SpeakerFilters. The modifications required are straightforward and can be provided by SpeakerFilters or Manchester Audio dealer brianandtrevors, who also have the speakers available for demo in their comfortable listening rooms.

We're very pleased to add this exceptional speaker to the SpeakerFilters portfolio.

For those of you without Exakt, but with a Linn DS or DSM streamer, the work completed by SpeakerFilters allows you to enjoy the benefits of SPACE Optimisation with the LS5/9 in its original passive form.

Feedback from House of Linn:

"After converting the LS5/9 to Exakt they sound great, plenty of the Linn Exakt precision whilst retaining some of that BBC voicing.  If you love your existing speakers but would like to get more out of them SpeakerFilters is indeed an interesting proposition"

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Every SpeakerFilters set of filters comes with a no cost 2 week trial period.  

We also offer physical conversion of your speakers.