Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Mission 77c1 (Portrait) Exakt Filters Added to the Catalogue

The Mission 77c1 is a 3-way centre speaker that's intended to be part of a home cinema system.  However, it also makes a good medium sized standmount speaker when used in portrait mode as a stereo pair.

Now it performs even better with Linn's Exakt systems using filters from SpeakerFilters.

So we're very pleased to add this interesting approach to the SpeakerFilters portfolio.

For those of you without Exakt, but with a Linn DS or DSM streamer, the work completed by SpeakerFilters allows you to enjoy the benefits of SPACE Optimisation with the Mission 77c1. 

We will add a landscape version of this filter to the catalogue in due course, to permit its use in a Linn Exakt surround sound system.

(Please note this is the 77c1 speaker which has 2x mid-bass drivers.  These filters are not compatible with the earlier 77c which has one mid-bass driver and one mid-bass passive radiator.  Please check your speaker carefull as they are not clearly labelled on the back panel.  To check, remove the front grille to check that the drivers look like the image below. Thanks.)

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